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  Capability feature of Strong Crusher:    
  Plastic Crusher

●The whole machine steel body structure, solid and durable, long-term use is not a result of crushed material impact machine performance.
●Heavy load-type bearing and oil seal device, and a sound proof partition, can effectively prevent vibration and noise, to ensure the processing of materials from oil pollution.
●Motor equipped with overload protection devices and power supply chain protection devices to ensure clean, safe.
●Scalable tool adjustable grinding after use can be used multiple times, life strengths.
●Crushed split soft and hard plastic, easy easy.
●Separation of design, blanking the door, crushing chamber filter is very easy to take apart and wash.
Machine feet attached pulley, easy to move.


Technical Parameters:
PC-250 PC-300 PC-400 PC-500 PC-600 PC-800
Diameter of Rotating
knife diameter
200 mm 250 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 450 mm
Quantity of moving kinfe
15 set 18 set 24 set 15 set 18 set 24 set
Quantity of fixing kinfe
2 set 2 set 4 set 2 set 2 set 4 set
mesh size
8-14 mm 8-14 mm 8-14 mm 8-14 mm 8-14 mm 8-14 mm
80-200 kg/h 100-300 kg/h 200-400 kg/h 300-500 kg/h 400-600 kg/h 500-700 kg/h
4 kw 5.5 kw 7.5 kw 11 kw 15 kw 22 kw
Size of feed inlet
250×145 mm 300×180 mm 400×250 mm 500×310 mm 600×350 mm 800×460 mm
340 kg 480 kg 660 kg 870 kg 1000 kg 1550 kg
Boundary Dimension
100×70×105cm 110×80×120cm 130×90×170cm 140×100×165cm 145×125×172cm 150×140×180cm
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